Windows 10 Update Is Breaking An Important Feature, Again

I recommend making a backup of your registry first. I have just need to check currently running programs. Now have to find out my other issue with fingerprint reader not working after waking from sleep.

However, there are recommendations on when best to use each function. When your computer turns back on from sleep or hibernate mode, by default, Windows 10 will require you to enter a password.

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Please note, this solution is applicable only for Windows 10 Pro users. Why doing so, because Windows 10 is configured not to download any update automatically on certain types of connections like ‘metered‘ or ‘cellular data connections‘. So, if you set your internet or network connection to ‘metered’ even if you’re using WiFi, any download of update won’t happen in background.

When you are away from your computer and you have to wiggle the mouse to wake it up, and you hear the fans and hard drives spinning up from being off, this is your computer coming out of sleep mode. To troubleshoot, Windows has many built-in troubleshooters. As we are having issues with the power settings of the system, we can try running the Power troubleshooter and see if this does the trick for us. When you run the power troubleshooter, it will automatically check the registry, the hardware, and the interacting software components and make sure everything is in place. If any discrepancy is found, it will be restarted/reset automatically and fixed.

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We already mentioned the negative effect of third-party apps. The system should be able to upgrade without meddling with the installed software, but that doesn’t work every time. If the update is available, you’ll see a message saying so and you can click “Download and install” to install it. When the download is complete, Windows will notify you and you can choose the time you want to finish the installation and reboot your computer. To conclude, Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is a very well-thought-out and very useful application that offers you one of the easiest ways to install the latest Windows update on your device. To get started, just download and install the tool by running the downloaded EXE file.

  • If you are having sleep mode problems with Windows 7, you’re not alone.
  • BTW, mousocoreworker isn’t showing up running in the background anymore.
  • The update process is definitely broken and it doesn’t help that Microsoft is putting out so many bad updates.
  • This post explains how to stop Windows update service from command line.
  • The hardware, power options, and configuration can affect the way power and sleep buttons work.

The different power settings can help you control system performance, conserve battery life or both. Disable the On battery optionNow check your PC to see if the issue has been resolved. If the solution doesn’t deliver the expected results, you can try out the next method.

Before continuing, you should check that you have at least GB of free space on your Windows 10 partition. Your PC should also meet all the requirements for installing the October 2020 Update because you already have Windows 10. The Windows 10 Update Assistant automatically starts the download of the latest update in a couple of seconds. If you are in a hurry, you can also start it manually by clicking or tapping Next. From the Windows Update windows, you can follow the status of all approved patches, some patches may require the restart of the machine. The activity list shows the log data of automation actions taken per OS update. You can click each Target Identifier link to obtain the device details on each action.