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I found a deal on VPNSecure, and while I would really like it if I could access Netflix through them, it’s a small price to pay for the service. As it stands I used VPNSecure 24-7 on my mobile devices, and occasionally on my computer when I’m not watching streaming services. It’s easy to use and configure along with responsive tech support make me easily recommend them to anyone. And most importantly, they claim not to log your Internet footprint. I don’t do anything that’s particularly important, though it’s comforting. • Reviews Guidelines The reviews published on vpnMentor are written by experts that examine the products according to our strict reviewing standards. The VPNSecure network consists of over 60 servers in 46 countries.

The speed is horrible and most of the time servers cannot be connected. I can stream and torrent with no problem, as well as bypass regional blocks. It even has a kill switch option that, for security, when enabled, blocks Internet access if for some reason you don’t have the VPN connected. If you want to try their services before purchasing a subscription, you can get their free trial that lets you use 2GB data over a period of 30 days. Once you buy a subscription, you’re covered by their 7-day money back guarantee. The highest cipher strength offered by them is 256 and the lowest is 64. Since higher encryption also means a slow connection, you can select a lower cipher for faster speeds.

The service provider did not bother to provide any dedicated servers for activities such as streaming, gaming or P2P file sharing. The chances of internet traffic bottleneck on a server reduce a lot if there are plenty of servers in the network. A large number of server locations on the network allow the user to bypass a lot more geo restrictions and thus give him/her more freedom on the internet. When connected to nearby servers, we averaged speeds of 39 Mbps. These speeds however varied depending on the server you are using.

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Also, we will cover all the pros, cons and prices to tell you if the VPN is a good value for money. When a VPN offers a free trial with no credit card required, it means you can protect your privacy and test out the VPN app with no strings attached.

I connected to several VPNSecure servers and tested upload and download speeds. VPNSecure offers 81 servers in 50 countries across the world.

Vpnsecure Reviews

VPNSecure is located in Australia, which might be a matter of concern for some users since this country is a member of the Five Eyes alliance. However, the provider has a strict no logs policy, so even if the authorities ask for some user data, VPNSecure won’t be able to provide them with the required information. For example, you can select from either 128-bit AES encryption or 256-bit encryption. When you do, you can essentially pick lower security and faster speed or higher security and slower speed.

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Making the change on your router can help you use the service throughout your network with a single account. In addition they have apps to easily update your IP address with their Vpnsecure Reviews service for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users. They have articles to manually set up their service with computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices, set top boxes and routers.

Although many might start commenting about the secrecy of company information and how it is a sign that things are fishy behind the curtains, imagine that. If a company walks the extra mile to protect their data, isn’t it perhaps how they’d treat your data as well? Besides, if they’d have a shady past, there’s no way of stopping the press from publishing this information, so I think we’re done here. While travelling in Cryptocurrency Exchange Europe, I was still able to access all my online media through HBO and Netflix US, with no problems at all. I like the fact that VPNSecure doesn’t record any logs, and hides my location, it makes using the internet feel so much safer and more private. Payment methods accepted include PayPal, CashU, Payza, Paymentwall, Bitcoin, and all major credit or debit cards – so the whole spectrum of VPN users should be covered.

VPNSecure is an Australian VPN service available at a price of $2.99/month. It offers 80+ servers that support both Netflix and torrenting, however, because of a few issues, I’ve given this service 3.1 stars overall. Internet censorship is a challenge to business users who wish to access data in different parts of the world, especially in relation with their target markets. By employing VPNSecure, companies can regain their freedom and enjoy an unobstructed internet. And in case they encounter issues with heavily restricted regions, the application’s built-in stealth mode automatically operates to ensure continuous, unimpeded access. With VPNSecure, business users can specify the level of encryption they need.

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There are very few details about VPNSecure.me you can find on the internet. Since the existence of this VPN provider is very secretive, it led me to further investigate and have come up with a comprehensive review. The company also provides ‘NoSpy’ servers which are independently operated and optimized for maximum privacy. Extra security features include double encryption (Multi-hop VPN) and an internet kill switch.

Who Is Vpnsecure?

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When this happens, your internet traffic reverts to using your ISP’s servers instead of being redirected through a VPN server. The service is also compatible with DES-CBC and AES 128-bit, allowing you to upgrade and downgrade depending on your speed and security needs. When it comes to bypassing internet restrictions, a wide server coverage is what you need.

  • We decided to test VPNSecure.me speed and ran speed tests on US, Netherlands, and Hong Kong.
  • Reddit is known in part for its passionate user base, which has been described as «offbeat, quirky, and anti-establishment».
  • Also, keep in mind that there are many variables to account for when evaluating speeds.
  • Although, this communication takes place over email or by using a support ticket instead, so expect a longer wait time if you choose to go this route.
  • However, if you go through the privacy policy of VPNSecure, you will find that this provider doesn’t log any of your data.
  • Trustpilot generates income from subscribing companies who use its software to be reviewed by customers and gain business acumen from reviews.

Each server supports OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH SOCKS proxy, and HTTP proxy. VPNSecure offers custom client software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We were able to unlock the US version of Netflix with VPNSecure, along with some other popular services as well. So, we got all the important data out Trading Platform of the way , so now it’s time to see what this VPN service is actually capable of in terms of securing your connection and how fast it can deliver content to and from you. Fortunately, we’ve attempted to access Netflix via multiple US servers, and it worked each time without a hiccup.

They constantly update their service and add new features that make your online life easier. They offer a strong privacy protection, complemented with extra features such as a kill switch, HTTP proxies and browser extensions, the SSH tunneling protocol, and the Smarter DNS function. The available 48 locations precisely cover the whole map, and you won’t encounter much traffic. There is much to be desired in terms of speed, however, and only the most common devices are supported. The price is affordable, and leaves room for customization, although a full service gets pricey quickly.

Vpnsecure Reviews

If the features haven’t tempted you to use VPNSecure then be ready to be wooed by a 100% FREE 30 days access. One of the special features of VPN Secure is its encryption protocols. While choosing a VPN the most important feature you should be looking at is how secure it is. What are their privacy policy and the measures they take to keep your information secure? One such VPN provider that believes in giving a secure network and stands by its word is VPNSecure or VPN.S.

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See if you can access all the sites and services that you need. Find out if the interface is usable, and if the speeds in your area are acceptable. Some VPN services provide a free trial, so take advantage of it. Make sure you are happy with what you signed up for, and take advantage of money-back guarantees if you’re not. Nearly every VPN service provides its own app cryptocurrency trading with a full graphical user interface for managing their VPN connection and settings, and we recommend that you use it. You might dismiss such things as mere chrome, and instead prefer to manually manage your VPN connections. This works, but doing so is tedious, requires manual updating, and won’t give you access to the additional privacy tools that many VPNs provide.

Vpnsecure Reviews

This kind of inconsistency would be frustrating for most users, so I can’t call connection speeds a perk. That’s like the lower-middle range when you compare it to the other VPN services. Although we try to stress the importance of security as the primary reason to use a VPN, that’s not always everyone’s motivation to start using a service like VPNSecure. One of the reasons folks decide to get a VPN is to geo-spoof their location and stream content from Netflix, HBO, the BBC, etc.

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It means that we can rely on VPNSecure in our desire to watch favorite shows. Well, at least for a while, until Netflix realizes these servers belong to the VPN service and ban them. But for now, VPNSecure is a suitable solution to binge on geo-restricted series.