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We’ve tested this extensively using an existing Gmail account, and inbound calling is just not reliable. The reason seems to be that Google always chooses Gmail chat as the inbound call destination if there are multiple registrations from the same IP address. Set up a dedicated Gmail and Google Voice account, and use it exclusively for this new SIP gateway. Head over to the Google Voice site and register.

You can move things back and see if it improves anything. If nothing else has changed on the device or network that would be the first thing I’d suggest trying. Yesterday, I answered an incoming call to Spare Phone over 3G. It was a little awkward as I think it was ringing in on both Google Chat and my actual mobile number.

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The Internet seeded innovations in a way no one could have predicted. The result is a far more connected and convenient world. With the global political landscape increasingly volatile and security breaches on the rise, people are becoming more anxious about how their personal information is shared. As GrooVe IP VoIP is getting popular day by day, they are working on the app. Recently they updated and solved the security issues for the popularity of the app.

If you are looking for a premium quality app that provides the best performance then you can use this GrooVe IP VoIP for PC. You can use this app Google Commerce Ltd not only for android devices but also for windows and iOS devices. If your like me and in Canada and need a US number go with TextNow. Sure it has some issues but you can get a free Canadian or American number. I use it because some family members in the US don’t have Canada calling so it’s their only way to call me. Do not include personal information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

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Hopefully this setting won’t have any undesired effects. I had to change this setting so Google Voice will dial a number upon automating via the filter. Now that all account settings have been completed, it’s a good idea to back up your settings to a file. To do this, on the dialer page in CSipSimple, tap the Account button . You can check to see if all went well GrooVe IP latest apk by tapping the key icon on the CSipSimple dialer page, which will send you back into account setup.

  • For using the GrooVe IP VoIP on PC or Mac OS, you need to use the emulator software like Bluestacks or Nox Player.
  • Tap Install and your fancy new app should be ready shortly.
  • Also, you can share with us the app which you already use on your smartphone.
  • Once installed, you’ll find GrooVe IP in the App Drawer or on your home screen.
  • I have a raspberry pi running asterisk with a pap2 adapter and a regular phone.
  • You can connect these devices to your TV through HDMI port.
  • If you’re on a web page, you can share the web page to the app and it’ll produce a QR Code with the URL encoded in it.