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We pay money to see films because we want to see ideas executed well. So i just recently watched the star wars trilogy and prequels after never seeing them before. While i did enjoy the original trilogy, the prequels was just more entertaining. I get some of the hate is well founded like the romance in episode 1 and 2 being god-awful. While Star Wars came ready-build with a lived in world with a long track record of continuity across mediums, The Phantom Menace helped demonstrate that Lucas’s world was bigger than anyone could have imagined.

“All the friends I made at the internship started working for various places like Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network. And they always remembered I had this weird ability to change my voice and do funny voices. Years later, they would invite me back to work on their projects,” Bauza told the Toronto Star. Bauza returned to Canada, graduated and was unemployed for about a year, before getting a stint at an animation studio in Ottawa.

New venom Casting Includes popular Marvel Character

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  • I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” That’s what the whole series has been about – the moment when we stand up to evil and choose to die rather than go against our prinicples.
  • We believed in The Force long before anyone concocted a Metachlorian, and many of us wish they hadn’t.
  • First of all, Anakin needed to act a lot more like Luke Skywalker.
  • Palpatine picks up on this when meeting Anakin and starts devising a plan to win him over to the dark side.

franchise itself is finally strong enough to respond to the challenges posed by the prequels — and whether the ninth film in the saga might finally bring balance to the franchise. The Emperor, aka Darth Sidious, aka Sheev Palpatine; his surprise return inThe Rise Of Skywalker sadly failed to live up to his portrayal in the prequels. Even the more unique locales, such as Canto Bight and Exegol, aren’t given enough time to shine relative to the prequel locales.

The Hunger Games Is Getting A Prequel Next Year, Set 64 Years Before The First Book

Europe has Homer and King Arthur. It’s one of the few examples of a modern myth apk PREQUEL download being born in our time. In spite of the prequels, the Clone Wars cartoon is the most popular television series among American boys aged 2 to 14.