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It is mandatory to have a valid HES code when purchasing a ticket. During controlled social life conditions, HES code helps you safely share your Covid-19 risk status with institutions and individuals for activities like transportation or visit. Shared HES codes can be checked through the app or services provided to institutions. After the transportation restrictions were repealed in Turkey, the new normalization process began to be implemented step by step and domestic flights are opened. According to the latest Ministry of Health announcement, it is now compulsory to get a HES code when purchasing airline tickets. Thanks to the HES code, the health status of the person traveling will be questioned, and if there are any coronavirus symptoms, the trip will not be confirmed.

The HES app has an interactive map that shows you the threat level and population of Covid Hotspots throughout the country. This is an indication of where to avoid and where to be extra careful should you go. Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, to Turkey or anywhere else in the world, will require you to wear a Mask at the airport and in the whole duration of your flight . They will likely take your temperature as you board the plane.

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While traveling, providing a HES code is mandatory to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the wellbeing of the Turkish society. It is a requirement for all Turkish citizens who travel within Turkey. In case the HES code is not valid during the check-in process, we will not be allowed to accept you on board the flight. In this case, we will refund your taxes and fees only. If there is an update with your status prior your flight, we will offer you an open ticket to be used within three months after the original flight date. Every passenger needs an individual HES code per flight, regardless how many passengers belong to a booking.

  • You should be able to renew the password through account at your Turkish bank through your APK ME Mobi account on the bank’s online system.
  • You fill out a few questions, pay $50 with a credit card, and they email you a confirmation right away.
  • Only cats, dogs and birds can be transported on our flights.
  • A Pegasus Airlines booking must be made for the pet by calling the help center.
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Before starting your trip to Turkey, it is best to make sure that you have Covid-19 Travel insurance. Not having proper travel insurance only means paying for any troubles and expenses you’ll encounter during your visit. For more information, check the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s circular with your travel agency/tour operator. Dining establishments within the airport are open but limited to travelers only.

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However, it’s important to notice that flight restrictions are applied by countries, consistent with the Turkish Airlines official page. That said, you have to review the Country-specific entry restrictions page to see Turkey’s entry requirements, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and other countries. You’ll also want to review the passport, visa, and health travel document requirements page. HES code is compulsory in domestic flights also for the citizens of Republic of Turkey with a foreign identity who have a foreign identification number starting with 97,98 or 99. HES code is not required for international flights with domestic connections (e.g Trabzon-London flights connecting Istanbul). In some cases where the transit time exceeds 24 hours, the HES code is a must before domestic flights.